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You don’t want to miss this segment of the Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show! The Saddlebred classes are loaded with chrome and flash. The atmosphere at a Saddlebred show is electric, with spectators shouting encouragement and rooting for their favorites from the stands. The most exciting classes are the Three and Five Gaited Open Championship classes. Equally exciting are the Roadster classes, shown both under saddle and in harness. Competing with the big, beautiful Saddlebreds are the Hackney ponies, just as flashy as their larger counterparts. Also not to be missed is the fine harness division, where carriages and harness can be compared to the cost of your house! And the Frisians–gentle giants of the show ring–are a special treat at Blowing Rock.

Time Schedule


61 Academy Driving Showmanship
62 Academy Driving Reinsmanship – Mandatory Workout
63 Academy Show Rider Equitation W-T-C
64 Academy Equitation – Adult W-T-C
65 Academy Equitation Rider 11-17 W-T-C
66 Academy Equitation 10 & Under W-T-C
67 Academy Show Rider Showmanship W-T-C
68 Academy Showmanship Adult W-T-C
69 Academy Showmanship 11-17 W-T-C
70 Academy Showmanship 10 & Under W-T-C
71 Academy Equitation Adult Walk/Trot
72 Academy Equitation 14-17 Walk/Trot
73 Academy Equitation 11-13 Walk/Trot
74 Academy Showmanship Adult Walk/Trot
75 Academy Showmanship 14-17 Walk/Trot
76 Academy Showmanship 11 – 13 Walk/Trot
77 UPHA Exceptional Challenge
78 Academy Equitation 9 & 10 Walk/Trot
79 Academy Equitation 7 & 8 Walk/Trot
80 Academy Equitation 6 & Under Walk/Trot
81 Academy Showmanship 9 & 10 Walk/Trot
82 Academy Showmanship 7 & 8 Walk/Trot
83 Academy Showmanship 6 & UNDER
84 Academy Equitation 6 & Under On A Lead
85 Academy Showmanship 6 & Under On A Lead


86 ASB Walk Trot Pleasure 12 & Under
87 ASB Three Gaited English Country Pleasure Novice Rider CHAMP
88 ASB Park Pleasure Driving CHAMPIONSHIP
89 10 & Under Walk Trot Equitation
90 ASB English Country Pleasure Walk & Trot 17 & Under CHAMPION
91 Pleasure Equitation
92 Saddle & Bridle’s Shatner Western Pleasure
93 Friesian Walk Trot Pleasure CHAMPIONSHIP Saddle Seat & Hunt Seat
94 English Pleasure Pony CHAMPIONSHIP
95 ASB Three Gaited English Country Pleasure 13 & Under
96 Roadster Pony Junior/Limit Pony
97 Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under
98 Five Gaited Pony CHAMPIONSHIP
99 ASB Country Pleasure Driving CHAMPIONSHIP
100 ASB Park Pleasure Open CHAMPIONSHIP
101 ASB Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor CHAMPIONSHIP
102 AHHS Roadster Pony Under Saddle Junior Exhibitor Medallion
103 ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure Limit Horse
104 ASB Three Gaited Amateur CHAMPIONSHIP
105 Roadster Horse To Bike Amateur CHAMPIONSHIP
106 USEF Medal – 17 & Under
107 Hackney Pony Show Pleasure Driving CHAMPIONSHIP
108 ASB Three Gaited Park Junior/Novice Horse

SUNDAY MORNING 09:30 AM – JUNE 7, 2015

109 Lead Line – Riders 6 & Under
110 10 & Under Walk Trot Equitation CHAMPIONSHIP
111 ASB Three Gaited Park Amateur/Junior Exhibitor CHAMPIONSHIP
112 English Pleasure Saddle Seat CHAMPIONSHIP Any Breed
113A Pleasure Equitation CHAMPIONSHIP
114 ASB Five Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor CHAMPIONSHIP
115 ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure Adult 18 – 30 CHAMPIONSHIP
116 Saddle Seat Equitation CHAMPIONSHIP
117 Roadster Pony Amateur CHAMPIONSHIP
118 Friesian English Pleasure Saddle Seat CHAMPIONSHIP
119 ASB Three Gaited English Country Pleasure 14-17 CHAMPIONSHIP
120 ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure Adult Over 30 CHAMPIONSHIP
121 ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure 14 – 17 CHAMPIONSHIP
122 ASB Three Gaited Park Open CHAMPIONSHIP
123 ASB Walk Trot Pleasure 12 & Under CHAMPIONSHIP
124 Roadster Horse Under Saddle CHAMPIONSHIP
125 Adult Equitation CHAMPIONSHIP
126 Roadster Pony Open CHAMPIONSHIP
127 ASB Five Gaited Amateur CHAMPIONSHIP
128 Hackney Roadster Pony Junior Exhibitor CHAMPIONSHIP
129 ASB Three Gaited Hunter Country Pleasure CHAMPIONSHIP
130 ASB Three Gaited Open CHAMPIONSHIP
131 Friesian Western – Walk/Jog CHAMPIONSHIP
132 ASB Five Gaited Junior Exhibitor CHAMPIONSHIP
133 Hackney Roadster Pony Under Saddle CHAMPIONSHIP
134 ASB Five Gaited Show Pleasure Adult CHAMPIONSHIP
135 ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure 13 & Under CHAMPIONSHIP
136 ASB Three Gaited English Country Pleasure Adult CHAMPIONSHIP
137 Roadster Horse To Bike Open CHAMPIONSHIP
138 Three Gaited Pony CHAMPIONSHIP
139 ASB Show Pleasure Driving CHAMPIONSHIP
140 ASB Three Gaited Western Country Pleasure CHAMPIONSHIP
141 Harness Pony CHAMPIONSHIP
142 ASB Three Gaited English Country Pleasure 13 & Under CHAMPION
143 ASB Five Gaited Open CHAMPIONSHIP

Saddlebred Photos

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Special Trophies and Awards

John Snively Memorial Trophy – Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler, Sr. |  5-Gaited Championship
“Flight’s Truly Fair” Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Muff Clark Purvis |  3-Gaited Championship
J.D. Massey Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Chris Thompson |  Fine Harness Championship
Johnny Wellington Memorial Perpetual Trophy – Given in loving memory of Johnny by the Drowning Creek Farm “Family” |  Roadster Horse Championship
“Lookin’ Up” Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Susan F. Harris |  5-Gaited Amateur Stake
J.W. Dailey Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Mrs. Lynn Brennan |  5-Gaited Amateur Stake
Charles B. Austell Memorial Trophy – Donated by Mrs. Adelaide Austell Craver |  Open Roadster Pony Championship
A’Muse Me Challenge Trophy – Donated by the Michael Gordon Family |  Jr. Exhibitor 5-Gaited Stake (replaced Oscar Smith
Challenge Trophy)
Joan P. Whitesides Memorial Perpetual Trophy – Given in loving memory by her Friends |  Show Pleasure Driving Championship
Three Gaited Pony Championship Perpetual Trophy – Given in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Craver, Jr. – Given by Rita Wiseman
Camp Crestridge Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Pat Borders |  3-Gaited Adult Show Pleasure Championship
“Switchboard” Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Dr. and Mrs. John Tye |  3-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor Championship
Jimmy Glidewell Memorial Trophy – Donated by friends of Jimmy Glidewell |  Saddle Seat Equitation Championship
Dude’s Phantom Memorial Perpetual Trophy – Anonymous Donor |  Amateur Roadster Pony Championship
“Butterfly” Memorial Perpetual Trophy – Donated by Rick Coker Family |  Adult Country Pleasure Championship
Scott Horton Perpetual Memorial Challenge Trophy |  Leadline Class
Stephens College Junior Rider Championship – Presented by Stephens College and Caroline Shepard | $1,500.00 Scholarship to Stephens College will be awarded to the female rider who accumulates the most points in the Juvenile Five Gated division. The Scholarship can only be used by an entering freshman.